Project Alpaca

Career prep non-profit offering multi-layered support to under-resourced NYC college students entering the tech industry

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New York, New York
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Project Alpaca is closing the resource gap for disadvantaged students to help them step into STEM careers through harnessing the power of a community of passionate, purpose-driven, and inspired advocates. We offer a free career mentorship program to under-resourced NYC college students. Our mentees come from schools and neighborhoods that did not have the means or resources to guide them to achieve their desired careers. They do have the proven talent and drive to succeed in their goals. This is where our community of mentors (or Alpacas as we call them) step in. They are collectively rising to the challenge of connecting these college students to the knowledge, the opportunities and an unrelenting support that will help them begin their new roads to success.• We do this by providing a 9-month program that offers multilayered support and is tailored to each cohort of students.• We meet regularly for professional development workshops.• We host networking events for mentors and mentees to have fun and get to know each other. Most importantly we want mentees to feel at each with networking and expanding their professional networks.• We attend industry events together. In our first year, we attended the Global Game Jam at Microsoft where mentees developed a game in one weekend and set up a booth for people to play the game.

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