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A national, nonpartisan organization revolutionizing the way people vote and think about politics.

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On February 14, 2018, the shooting in Parkland, FL at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School took 17 lives. Sari Kaufman, a sophomore at the time, survived but her world was turned upside down. In response, Kaufman and some of her classmates were propelled to action and led March for Our Lives (MFOL). During MFOL, Sari focused on voter registration and led a coalition of organizations to collect over 1000 registrations in one day. Kaufman was taken aback by how little information people seemed to have about their local leadership, candidates, and policy issues. Sari’s eyes opened to the problem of misinformation and low information voters, and she set out to solve it.The following month Sari partnered with professor David McAdams of Duke University and Gita Stulberg, a political strategist. Together they founded MyVote Project.MyVote Project is a nonpartisan voter education project that is working to revolutionize the way people vote and think about politics. The service aims to give voters the background they seek to know the policies that impact their lives and to know the candidates who want to represent them at the most local levels of government. We want to inform not influence voters. Our mission is to arm voters with relevant information before they enter the voting booth.The platform is a simple tool enabling voters to educate themselves on policies and candidates in their area. The goal of MyVote Project is to establish and maintain a “one-stop-shop” to easily access the policy platforms of all candidates without having to spend hours researching each candidate.MyVote Project has more than 200 student volunteers. If you are interested in joining our movement and understand the importance of having citizens know who is electing them at the local level, go to our website!

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