Girls for Gender Equity

GGE works intergenerationally with Black girls & gender-expansive youth of color to achieve gender and racial justice.

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Brooklyn, New York
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Girls for Gender Equity (GGE) works intergenerationally, through a Black feminist lens, to center Black girls and nonbinary and gender-expansive young people of color in policy and advocacy, direct service and culture change work to achieve gender and racial justice.We believe that widespread violence against women and girls of color in particular points to deeply rooted racial and gender discrimination that must be tackled as a peace-building and human rights priority. As a Brooklyn, New York-based coalition-building and youth development organization, GGE acts as a catalyst for change to improve gender and race relations and socio-economic conditions for our most vulnerable youth and communities of color. Through our signature programs Sisters in Strength, the Young Women's Advisory Council (YWAC), and JustUs we mobilize young people ages 14-24 to deeply engage civically and socially with their communities and the wider world around them. Then, through intergenerational organizing for just policies, our staff works to create the world our young people deserve.

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