5 Youth Leadership Grant Programs
Student nonprofit grant awards ranging from $1,000 to $25,000 to accelerate your best student leaders.

Are you an educator who strives to empower the next generation of young leaders and change-makers? Grants, scholarships, and funding programs have become crucial pillars of support for young individuals and groups aiming to address the pressing social, environmental, and economic challenges of our world. Today we’ll uncover some of these funding sources, but each program offers educational and career development for its student grantees. One of the programs below might be a great fit for one of a passionate student!

1517 Fund | Medici Project ($1K)

The 1517 Fund’s Medici program offers $1,000 cash grants to young people who are passionate about their dreams and need a little help getting started. Medici is designed to encourage young people to take the leap into the unknown and pursue their passions. The grant is awarded to those who have found their power to create change for the good of all around them. The application process is simple and straightforward, and the grant can be used for anything that will help further a student’s project.

Inflection Grants ($2K)

Inflection Grants offers up to $2,000 to young people under 25 who have a passion for their idea or project. The grant is designed to fuel student passion and help your students learn new skills, research, build things, make art, do science, push boundaries, and improve a student’s development. The grant is awarded to those who have launched social initiatives, formed peer-led teams, and created solutions for the good of all while activating others to join.

Riley’s Way Foundation ($5K)

The Call For Kindness is a national contest that funds teen-led projects that inspire kindness, strengthen communities, and bring people together. Winners receive up to $5,000 to fund their project and join a cohort of Fellows from across the country to participate in a 12-month leadership development fellowship. Fellows receive 1:1 coaching and project support, virtual skill-building sessions, an in-person leadership Retreat, networking, mentorship opportunities, and a peer community of other young changemakers.

Ashoka Young Changemakers ($25K)

Ashoka Young Changemakers is a global network of powerful young people who are creating an Everyone A Changemaker world. Every year Ashoka partners with a corporate partner to offer a 12-month leadership development fellowship and a startup grant of up to $25,000. Each Ashoka Young Changemaker has launched social initiatives, formed peer-led teams, and created solutions for the good of all while activating others to join in.

Mercatus Center | Emergent Ventures ($5K-$25k)

Emergent Ventures is a grant program that supports entrepreneurs and innovators who are working on cutting-edge ideas in science, technology, and culture. The program offers grants ranging from $5,000 to $25,000 to individuals and organizations who are working on innovative projects that have the potential to change the world. The program is designed to support those who are taking risks and pursuing bold ideas that have the potential to create significant positive impact.